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Can I go offline from WhatsApp without disconnecting from the Internet?

Yes you can, not only whatsapp but messenger or any app.
If you have Android you can.

  1. Open setting > data usage.
  2. In data usage open menu for top and choose restrict background data. (for this you have to make sure data usage limit should be set, just do it whatever you want.)
  3. Confirm settings and done..

This will disconnect you from all other applications, thus you can save 60% more data.
How it works 
When you open any app, it will connect to Internet after opening and being on screen, once you switch to other app, this app will disconnect from Internet only active app will be using Internet.

Pros :

  1. Data saving up to 80%
  2. No notification at all. (since non of your application would able to use Internet so you won’t be able to get notification untill you open that app).
  3. Battery saving: no much data usage make your battery last longer.
  4. Peace : no unnecessary Ting tong bemm turr ten ten sounds or notification 😀

You may miss some important notification.
You have to check for new message manually by opening that app.

How to remove restriction.
Open notification bar, and there you will see touch to remove background data restrictions. Touch and done.

Hope it will help.


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